Monday, February 20, 2006

Starzz laden episode of ''Koffee with Karan''....

Well this is to share a comment on the recently concluded episode of Coffee with Karan...Mannn if you have ever watched the show it is somewhat an added-on intelligent masalah version of Opera...and well its on-aired next to OPerah every Sunday at 11pm on Star
World--I guess i dont need to mention that--..

Today Karan has invited Shahrukh and Bachan both...and well the start was pretty dramatic, in beginning Shahrukh actually interviewed Bachan and I thought Karan has revised the formula this time but nooo....he chips in later on and than in addition to surprise the presence of guests like Jaya Bachan, Kajol, Farah Khan and directors of Black, Devdas and... revealed many new closets about these two superb personalities. Plus a good survey of comments from Indian ''jantaa'' of what they think about the appealing guests?? And well, it was no surprise as every one know that Indian people worship Mr. Bachan and love Mr. Khan...

And well in my eyes too I am also a big, bigger and biggest fan of Mr. Khan who is simply but Irrestible!!...literrally. Khan has not only won a wide acclaim --a global one-- at a very young age but his movies and appearances shows that he is feeding a Big message accross Indian masses and his eyes are infact to market the Indian Image and Identity and this is what should be the motto of every superstar..and thats what set a person apart!.. Alas! lets see when Pakistan produce a Khan or Bachan, lets see where the newly revived Media race end into...


Blogger Raheel said...

It was a great season. Well witted, humorous and very entertaining. After all its has Karan Johar trademark.

There is none like SRK. I am his and Kajol's biggest fan Pakistan. I loved the comments of common people. We also have some serious talent.. especially our females not nayi wali model type but people like Sania Saeed and Nadia Jameel. I don't think we have anyone that good in male actors.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Henna said...

Sania is good but her compering is sometimes brain and cluless...well I gave high ratings to Tauseeq Haider, Rameez Raja, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Junoon and Strings that can create vibes in International arena...though they already are making waves...

I like Pakistani Fashion Industry that can horn any bull...who can miss out 'Iraj' when the hot-queen is on ramp! any arguments?

1:29 AM  
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