Monday, September 04, 2006

Unspoken misery…

Our fore-fathers would have been very apprehensive in their struggle for separate homeland, if they knew that within a short span of just twenty-five years the country would break into two halves. And the place would be spotted by corruption, crime, loot, deceitness and drudgery.

That, this land of pure would be ruled by such cheaters who could leave their everything for handful of dollars. Where there would be the law of jungle and no place of poor. Where prices as soar that only one could afford luxury, where education is for sale so that only few ‘already sold’ could afford and the rest remain in drudgery.

Bangladesh, that became separate, though confronted by ghastly in-house politics, continuous floods and massive poverty. With sane, sincere and patriotic practices, Bengalis are far ahead from Pakistan now. Their growth is a solid one and people are far more knowledgeable than here. The country is not into class clashes and fashion mockery as here, their integrity in the world stood apart, Pakistanis who are fools and could not create an identity in the world that Pakistanis are different from Indians. [In west, a common person still relates Pakistan with India and did not differentiate it]

In such circumstances how one could expect to say that I am a proud Pakistani or I love Pakistan…

Well, I am a desecrate young Paki whose hands are tied-up and have just one way at the end of tunnel to leave the country and do something that could create a name… but well, my soul says I should stop the struggle… leave everything as it won’t do any good. Stop being patriotic as the conspiracy is so strong and well grounded that there would be no good at all. Everything is happening on the whims of Uncle Sam… Who we are?

Just concentrate on job, family and religion. And be peace with it and let the things to be decided by the traitors, looters and the mafia.

Is this what we should do?

I wanna hear your voice……………………………


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever decided on 'eliminating' bugti was really a dumb-ass. If you want to punish someone, punish him or her in the court of law or banish him/her to another country. Killing people like they did to Bugti has never solved any problems, infact such erratic behaviour has initiated the famous or rather infamous WWI (war to end all wars) and countless others.

All of us are already aware of us losing one-half of our country. Killing people like Bugti, will only accelerate the break-up of the rest of it.

Even QA, MAJ, told the govt. of his time to be gentle in their attitudes with the Baloch, but then again like all his original advices, this advice was also buried got along with his body. See the link here:

If you want to help regain our country's lost identity, get united, do volunteer work and form friendships with people across borders.

Warm regards,


1:17 PM  
Blogger Raheel said...

I seriously applaud your spirit about Pakistan and the reforms in our policies and relationship with Uncle Sam but I don't agree with Bugti thing because we know who was dividing us in the first place. I have so much to talk about but my lips are sealed because it won't help.

Anonymous, Court is so messed up that these kind of people can't be punished in this way for sure.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Henna said...

But well there is a sane and logical way to deal an issue...wiping out or demolishing someone from safha-e-hasti is not the way to deal.

Musharraf shudn't act like a Bush for his own countrymen...I have relatives in Quetta, Khuzdar and Qalat. Literally the situation is soo aggravated there that its very dangerous to move even and its like a civil war there. Shoops looted, banks burned... and who is suffering, a common person. Well this is what Unclke Sam want [people in developing world remain in misery through hook or crook]..

God bless us or
Speak up in protest.

Damn GOVT!!

10:06 AM  
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