Monday, January 24, 2005

The Kurtis galore…

Eastern fashion is all time famous with its unique attachment with culture. And these days the new trend of 'Kurtis—short Kurta—' is catching eye of famous world designers.

As said by world famous Paris based Pakistani designer Mehmood Bhatti "This year's international fashion trend is getting much influenced by Pakistani style. Even Christian Dior is doing kurtis with pajamas and hath-ka-kaam (hand embroidery)"…With the *kurtas* getting really haute in International arena, the future seems very Bright for the big lot of designers coming-up.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Muslim Refusnik!

Irshad Manji lambasting Muslims also claim of being a homosexual—its nothing unusual in the society where she resides—but using it as a reason to be famous, that’s very Odd…

Well she calls that all Muslims are backward and spend no time in research also gives reasons for Why Palestinian problem is still unsolved—because Palestinians have not put forward any efforts by themselves rather depend most of the times on big powers like US to get involve and free them, which Uncle SAM never want and will never do…I also agree her with this point…

I.Manji…also rebels with Namaz---that why to pray five times when she can be in contact with Allah 24 hours….and the claim that there are some mistakes in Quran during assembling verses.... I certainly rebel against her views….

Manji has to understand the psychological and physical effects of NAMAZ which we all Muslims tend to ignore and HUH the west has come-up with wonderful imitation in the form of MEDITATION and YOGA and many Paki men and women are madly following….LOGOO.N, NAMAZ PARHU, ALLAH MEIN DIL LAGAU AND FORGET YOUR WORRIES…KASH KE “HUM” HOSH MEIN AAJAIN….

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Henna Arshad!

It's a 3 day musical birthday party here. Scream your wishes using the comment option.