Sunday, August 28, 2005

‘Devdas’ comes to Lollywood...

I was literally amazed when come to know that Lollywood will remake Pakistani version of Devdas and have signed Sonu Nigam and Aasha Bhuslay as playback singers for this version.

Aah…may be Lollywood guys have a feeling that this remake can help the sagging Paki movie industry. But can’t they create their own niche’ in the big bad world of Media. The role of Dilip Kumar/ Shahrukh Khan will be played by Lollywood playboy Moamir Raana and Reema –the dancing queen of Lollywood—will play the character of Aishwariya Roy / (didn’t know the name of earlier Devdas girl).

Seriously, Paki movie directors have lost their sanity…I wonder when they stop following India and win the world with their own “Creations”. May the time come in my Life!!