Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Don’t lambaste me, I am a Cricketer...

Well, well how they perform and what they do in the name of Pakistan…but they are our “Qaumi” (National) heroes and also may be very publicity starved or may be media hungers for them.

Showing their faces, apart from the semi-lush grounds, on the bottle of every other cola or a biscuit pack.

Hey, I am talking about no one else but our –not mine—very dear Cricket **stars**.

Today I was listening “PTV Khabarnama” that these guys are paid several thousands rupees as monthly salary. There are three categories made for them “A, B, and C”.

The C category player get as much as Rs. 75,000 as monthly salary which is the lowest of three. The star in A Category will get the highest i.e. Rs. 150,000 and include players like Inzamam_Mr. Captain, Vice Captain, Shoaib Akhtar…etc.

And not to forget the taste of stardom which they get for Free.

Well what these stars actually do so they be justified of getting that much salary”. And this is not all the board gave them all other facilities –medical, transport etc.. for free—and in return they give us continues losses not to forget their bad attitudes and presentation abroad which is a continuous blot on the face of Pakistanis.

I dreamt of our players be as neat and nicely crewed as Aussies and Kiwis…well PCB should appraise them of what they are giving in return of those bucks?? – Hehehe kaheen PCB kar he na lai--

Thursday, November 25, 2004

A desi Freaky Friday experience

On this Eid. ARY Digital has come up with an interesting comedy long-play.
Title: Yeh kiya hu gaya hai

The drama was an inspiration from the oldie remake teen classic “Freaky Friday”. The latest version of the said movie has been released a year ago and studded with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis –title characters of Mom and daughter whose bodies interchanged—well the movie is excellent with a superb soundtrack!!

And ARY’s comic parody of the movie was like creating a total ‘rumple crumple’ of the movie…though the direction was quite OK with got sound and lightening but the dialogues, dressing and actions were really really pathetic.

Jamie’s role was played by Bushra Ansari who sometimes acted like she has a strong desire to become a punk teenager. Her overacting and rubbish English parody of Jamie totally turned Jamies’s semi-charismatic personality a big blow. Though half of the movie has a demand of that sort of character but BA overacted throughout.

The scenes which had been very nicely picturised in the original version while Jamie was taking a ride on the heavy bike of her daughter’s boy friend was shown in a very idiotic way in ARY version. In which Ms. Ansari rode while waving her legs like she is flying on an eagle……this was all because of Ansari’s overacting…whenever she try to act punk and looses the connection of her real self she become really *flat*

But yes the role Lindsay was played by “don’t remember her name” --the all times jeans clad lady famous from Kollege Jeans and one can found her on new Ufone billboards—but well with her natural punk appearance she performed really well and even better than Bushra Ansari.

Bottomline: such parodies are healthy addition…well Indians are also parodying in lump sum quantity— almost all their mega hits are Hollywood copied items—but a serious advice for ARY and Lollywood “Naqal karu par aqall sai” that’s it!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

WHO izz WHO??

Hey…Itzz my LIFE

Yeah…I do whatever I want...
I luv whatever I like…
I eat whatever I want…
I sleep whenever I feel-like…
I befriend with whom I like…
I read whatever I like…
I think what I like…
I am totally ME!!!
And never gonna change me from Myself…
…Well I am Not Like YOU…
Because, I am like ME…
I know itzz my LIFE…
And I know…
I am honey from the black…
Sweet and satire…itzz what I like…
Argue me if you like…
Say me Mad, Pagal, Bogus or Bekarr…
But I don’t care…
If you say that I am wrong…
Because, I live my LIFE…
I have every right to say…whatever I LIKE…

But Remember...

Whatever you want and whatever you do…
How competent are you …
How conjurer are you…
This world is nothing…
Itzz nothing….really nothing…
One day everything will END…
So…everything is Indispensable
Except GOD!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Keep Feeling


forget others-how does it matter to me? I can hardly write to respond.

I am Great.

I am Great...I won't talk to you..I am Great..Keep feeling Great,

And Hang me like this though.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Is our MEDIA in some inferiority complex?

I’ve seen Shah Rukh’s work, I’ve talked to him and I know him. He’s like us. Two more zeroes as far as the rates are concerned. That’s about it. – Lollywood Actor, Shan.

I know Pakistani actors were cheated in the past, so naturally, I made sure that whatever was discussed was also received by me in black and white. In my interviews which I gave to local Indian channels, I made it clear that our artists and their performances are not in any way inferior and then only difference is of size and in the number of opportunities. –Lollywood Actor, Moammar Rana.

Pakistani cinema halls will screen Indian movies to save the near-to-collapse industry. –

Lux Style Awards 2004 could be far more organized, more expressive of Pakistani culture and above all could be more well-marketed in the Middle East melting pot Dubai. If the event had been organized by Pakistanis rather then giving the every responsibility from the stage back-drop to dress designs to Indians.

Don’t we had the guts to organize LSA by ourselves?? –

Raw Onion:- These reflections are point to ponder in themselves.

Do we really need the comparisons? Only we need is to learn from their example, our past, research for the good and the ‘rest will become a history’.

Yes these little-in-act actors can lever their frailing careers by acting in Bollywood flicks even as guest appearance on the name of Indo-Pak friendship…rubbish!! Our integrity does matters not only in Political arena but also in entertainment industry not to forget the cricket pitch.

Attention: The mega-classic serials of 80s ‘Tanhaiyyan’ ‘Dhop Kinare’ …. Were trail blazers. Our past dramas were great in the story line, direction and every thing. They were superb and these so called Indians use to follow them in past but Today when we have lost our identity and stands nowhere our dramas have become a mess, eaten by Glamour; the classiness has almost disappeared.

Its time for a Reprisal getting out from the shell of Inferiority Complex..

Samsung mobile phones have ‘Nokia’ personality

Nokia: Claim to fame of introducing a hip and upbeat personality in mid 90s decade though that Nokia image continued later on and still today we are bombarded with the same image laden advertisements.

But…do the Nokia mobile phones match for the sure funky lest glossed image. No, not at all, the firm products are though innovative but have lost that peculiarity which one can now feel in Eriksson –-yes the Sony Erickson—and obviously in Samsung. Well the Finnis producers have to think for a Relaunch of Mobile Image.

Raw Onion:- Nokia mobiles have developed a personality of ''''''Wall Street businessmen''''''.
But with a little funkiness, not of teen sort imbibing with intellectualness–a two in one resort—could surely be a matched persona.

Onion, Tiger and ‘YOU’

Who is a Tiger: A Tiger is fast, striped, aggressive.
He eats anyone who comes in his way.

Though in worldly colloquial a Tiger is a person who is sharp, witty, and aggressive and eats anyone who comes in his way --may it people or any hurdle--.

A high achiever person is a ‘Cheetah’ in the eyes of people.

What is an Onion: An Onion is Round, Layered and Pink.
It tends to take people to tears when they slice it frequently as Onion becomes a vital ingredient for their food.

Though in worldly colloquial an Onion is a person who is Versatile, Fresh and full of Ideas.

She sees the surrounding with her Sharp eyes and tend to turn tears the one who slice, but here she not only turn tears the one who slice ‘her’ but also the one who is slicing others.

Onion is full of satire..... But,

She is a loving and caring person always ready to make the food tasty!!.

Onion could easily become short from the market because of her high demand –Remember she is a vital ingredient of every food--.

Is tiger a Part of onion: Yes of course!!

The world of tiger is very small.
All the time he thinks about ‘attacking and winning’.
He is in a way myopic.
Tiger is ‘stupid’ but ‘great’ at the same time with the influence of Onion.

How?? In the eyes of Onion winning and loosing is a part of game but she always wins.
She thinks about long term channel her energies productively for some Great Cause which a self centered-egoistic Tiger could never do.

But Onion is also aggressive, fast and striped just like tiger.
Onion make others follow her trail but for the prey as like Tiger follows.
But Onion has a broad vision unlike Tiger.
Onion is a big genius!! While Tiger is just genius.

What is RAW ONION!!

It’s the advance version of Onion.
Raw Onion is ‘raw’. More fresher, stronger, energetic, wittier, sharp and vigorous.

Apart from the tiger’s bold and aggressive qualities.

Who are YOU??

Decide by yourself.