Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nucleur China: a new terror for US?

China finally has announced the plan of construction of 10 new nucleur plants. And the best part is six sites are already confirmed.

Well, this news will reallyshake Uncle tom who is already bizzi in analysing China's strength as implicits through international print and electronic media. A friend of mine visited China six months back was appauledby its new Look, and that also astonishedme coz till today I have met with several Chinese but all haveamusedme not that kinda to get impressed of but thats a reality that they are damn hard working.

And well all the US technology --IBM, HP, Acer--has come to this region which is another loss for US in all terms.

Well lets get back to the news item: A nuclear power plant hasn't been built in the United States in two decades, but that could change in the next few years after a consortium announced locations in six states as possible sites for a nuclear renaissance.

And one thing else that: China has started her first commercial nuclear reactor operation in 1991.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A soft Image??

Till when we Pakistanis will be reading stories of rape and butchering of a wife from his husband's hands....why our image marketing is so Pathetic...and where are our elite Diplomats?..In any international mag if you have a chance to see Pakistan will be either with referance to Wana or Mukhtaramai type issue.

Why is that??
And India is getting vogue and westerners feel proud to get themselves attached with Desi-culture...

The above entry comes after reading following:

Man cuts feet off 'promiscuous' wife

A Pakistani man and some of his relatives chopped off his wife's feet after accusing her of being promiscuous, police said yesterday.

The woman survived the gruesome attack, the latest in a wave of assaults that have raised international concern about the plight of women in rural Pakistan. 'It is a shameful act of cruelty against a woman,' said Talat Ali, a senior police official in Punjab.'

Read full click:,6903,1525238,00.html

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pervertness and NGO sector

It would be a utopia when all politicians and socialist aunties don’t just brag about making this world a **happy place**…

I wasn’t aware of this crude reality until I joined this Multi-national Anti-corruption NGO with headquarters in Berlin.

It all started in the end of last year when this NGO got multi-million dollar aid from International donors. We had a regional meeting at that time. With the news of $$$ pouring in there arose a mega brawl between the Executive Director and trustees **included many mega-personalities of Pakistan** and what they did…They kicked the Executive Director out and make Secretary General a new person who use to work with the NGO. This person is a very corrupt person from KPT **also had many cases filed in NAB** This headship including last executive director belong from engineering profession having no **kakh** knowledge about development sciences…considered researchers as bogus and unpractical.

TI-Bangladesh (this NGO’s another chapter) hired 80 people from the amount given in aid to TI-P for the same project. And here only two people have hired since. TI-Bangladesh’s Executive Director is a PhD in Development Economics and runs the organization hand in hand with University professors and researchers. Even noted writer and analyst Monis Ahmer is attached with The Bengali chapter.

While the Executive Director TI-Nepal is a lawyer and also keeps media and researchers with him. While TI-India is no less than Pakistan, headed by all ex-bureacrats and big-shot uncles.

My question here is that why funds are given without proper check and balance. Well, why they we have all such donors especially **all from west** want to market themselves and in reality want a 50 percent doer. Their real purpose is to market their name in the following country **strategy is not different from these large scale economies, commonly called as MNCs**…

This is the dilemma of our societies, so we call ourselves Muslims **ha-ha** running before money and trying ever hard to impress the neighbour…and silent over such many discrepancies….I have noticed in countries where sincerity and openness is present, only they are real successful in true sense.

That’s another reason why, I like marketing world…you don’t need to tell anyone to take license for being Pervert!!

Who be is it?

London which is considered very peaceful and calm city was roared by three powerful blasts on Thursday. Around 50 casualties with scores injured, according to latest reports. A group of Al-Qaida accepted the responsibility of the blasts. But the British Government has rejected the claim.

I have a gut feeling this is the job of some westernern who is not ready to accept London as the place of some mega-events like Olympics 2012...or may be G-8.

What do you say??

Friday, July 08, 2005

Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse???

Well…what a quick way to get famous and also a quickest way to write a book. If you are also the one looking for quick fame, think of designing or creating a parody of some already hot selling item.

Here you could learn from Michael Gerber, the guy who has created a character of Barry Trotter …some manuscripts from his so called: Crapbook are as follows:

These books tell the ghastly tale of Barry Trotter, Lon Measley and Ermine Cringer. Amusingly the story starts when Barry is 22, goes on to tell what happened when he was 39 and then, because Mike Gerber couldn't think what do next, zips back, via a supremely unlikely plot device to when he was 9...

And well this is not all the guy is also involved in creating parodies of unnecessary sequels of Tolkein’s LOTR…for further parodies count to: