Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dear Muslims please get over it...

Any Muslim can understand and see how The Europeans have made fun of our Dear Prophet and there act has instigated the feelings of millions of Muslims across the world and literally has brought them on a single platform to raise voice against this brutal and immature attitude shown by Dutch (western) media.

But, my dear fellows its my opinion which I have generated with constant watch of the opinions given by Dutch and Norwegian people including corporate representatives...they are really sorry for it. Here we should not forget this fact that Dutch who are considered as the most liberal nation in the world and its Media enjoyed freedom of speech in all senses since decades. A nation which has no limits in its blood and if has done this brutal mistake this should be considered by Muslim Ummah only on this account that such act will not be repeated by any Media in the world. And as some Muslim leaders are pressing for a UN convention on Freedom of Speech and Respect of religious beliefs that is the Only best way to deal with this issue and to counter any other future acts like this.

Here I guess Muslim Ummah requires a sane strategy rather than emotional acts leading to bloodily protests and riots. Sabotaging one owns property could never leads to the right solution it would only harm their own country. –Best example is the situation that prevails last week in the whole country, the protests on the cost of country’s peace and closure of economic and other productive activities--

I am working as Communication Manager for a project targeted on the Development of Textile Industry of Pakistan, well the project is funded by Netherlands (Royal Netherlands Embassy) and last week when the controversy was in its much hyped curve, we have an event scheduled in which Dutch trainers were invited to Karachi...it was a two-day training workshop in a local hotel in which almost all of the leading Textile industrialists were invited. we have been working on its organisation since last couple of weeks and feared what if embassy calls its staff back for security reasons...but though the situation was not in favour of Denmark’s favour the delegate arrived at its time and with not much notification from Embassy... though if there were Americans or British or even Indians if confronted with such situation they must have been precautioned heavily by the embassy staff.

After meeting with them....it seems that they are really innocent people --all were very learned and pretty much connected with media...and trust me, I am an excellent investigator—after having an hourly discussion my conclusion is that there media has really done an insane mistake without thinking of any repercussions…and its all because of the general freedom of though and opinion which reigns in the veins of Dutch. These people had no hidden agenda in their cuffs, well I am sure that if such act was done by any American newspaper it must be for some well Sound Reasons –focussed on some hidden objective-- as Americans are really really smart, intelligent and focussed people...always have a proactive agenda...while these Europeans are pretty much square and straight individuals. If they want it, they say it...

And haven't you guys noticed the action has been hi-lighted by BBC and CNN...and came on screen much later on after publishing... sometimes it seems the American media and Govt of course has used it deliberately to tease Muslims.

Whatever it is, this act has done lot of timely actions going in favour for Muslim Ummah like:

With it Muslims all over the world have united under one flag,
United for one agenda,
In Muslim world the concept of nationhood resuscitated again after ages,
Gave them courage to speak on International Forums --like United Nations-- for their rights, for the sanctity of religion,
Last but not the least, that it has produced the Long long-awaited fear in the hearts of Westerners that Muslims can reply with a high intensity and strong blow.

But well, in the end we Muslims should realise that Literally its a time to grow up as its not the first time the Western Media has slapped on our face...if we remain behind, backward and economically dependent and en-clashed with each other there are due chances that such unwanted actions will be repeated and next time may be the brutal ness might be far more severe. --Samuel P. Huntington's work and countless Hollywood movies constantly blow Muslims self esteem...if anyone remembers them, here??''

So please dear fellow Ummah, act like Responsible Muslims, Cool down and start concentrating on the solid thing like Economy, Internal cohesion and Self Dependency, that’s the real challenge for Muslims of current century and need of time. Please get out of the current shock and start working to defuse the next one.

Love you all....

Monday, February 20, 2006

Starzz laden episode of ''Koffee with Karan''....

Well this is to share a comment on the recently concluded episode of Coffee with Karan...Mannn if you have ever watched the show it is somewhat an added-on intelligent masalah version of Opera...and well its on-aired next to OPerah every Sunday at 11pm on Star
World--I guess i dont need to mention that--..

Today Karan has invited Shahrukh and Bachan both...and well the start was pretty dramatic, in beginning Shahrukh actually interviewed Bachan and I thought Karan has revised the formula this time but nooo....he chips in later on and than in addition to surprise the presence of guests like Jaya Bachan, Kajol, Farah Khan and directors of Black, Devdas and... revealed many new closets about these two superb personalities. Plus a good survey of comments from Indian ''jantaa'' of what they think about the appealing guests?? And well, it was no surprise as every one know that Indian people worship Mr. Bachan and love Mr. Khan...

And well in my eyes too I am also a big, bigger and biggest fan of Mr. Khan who is simply but Irrestible!!...literrally. Khan has not only won a wide acclaim --a global one-- at a very young age but his movies and appearances shows that he is feeding a Big message accross Indian masses and his eyes are infact to market the Indian Image and Identity and this is what should be the motto of every superstar..and thats what set a person apart!.. Alas! lets see when Pakistan produce a Khan or Bachan, lets see where the newly revived Media race end into...