Monday, August 31, 2009

Unilever's cruelty challenge!!

Unilever's reality show being shot in Thailand killed a guy named Saad Khan, an employee of RBS-Pakistan. The news is been reported in most of the international media but none in Pakistan dare to put in print as these greedy so called champions of free press are being paid by Unilever in terms of advertisements. Its really unfair!!

In may, another contestant in the Bulgarian version of 'Survivor' was died of heart attack after attempting for one activity during the contest.

That's a pity that these reality shows didn't go with proper hazard pre-cautions and first aid and medical on spot.

Reference to cruelty challenge, on contrary, Unilever Pakistan is trying to suppress the news, trying to close the blogs and websites holding the news, instead they should come up and share a public apology, it would enhance the image of the brand. Suppressing/ hiding the news is attracting attention of more people and well, everyone is giving more attention to it and creating a bad name to the brand.
Hope somebody is listening..