Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Clear your myths about Indiee!!

These days Indians are running a hard core campaign about being the most progressive and liberal democracy of the world. Indians are proud of being the best in IT sector, booming and internationally recognised Media and well the number of millionaries are increasing year by year in the country etc etc .............

Sounds alluring, isn't it??

Now, please go through the following list:

1. India is the world's 6th worst place for children:

Also see the UNICEF report on Indian Children:http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/india_india_background.html

2. India is on the watchlist because of Human Trafficking:
Condition of women in India:http://www.thp.org/reports/indiawom.htm

4. India has largest number of hungry people in the world:
UNICEF report:http://www.unicef.org/india/nutrition_1556.htm

5. India has the second highest number of people living with AIDS:
And India is apparently exporting Polio to the world:

7. Last but not the least, India has a third of world's illiterates............


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fiery Musharraf, did you need anyone?

ISLAMABAD: The most ‘intelligent’ man of South Asia aka President of General Musharraf has returned after his half month visit to the Policeman of the world alias United States of America.

The godly figure has met countless head of States and visited numerous universities banging the verbose that Pakistan is a change country now, far-sighted with US shoulder to shoulder to counter terrorism and can do anything to woe his employer ‘US’.

Whatever we say but well Musharraf was a one man leading all the channels and has superceded all politicians with his drop dead intelligence. The ministers in his entourage were looking like mice and empty headed as he sing the song of progressive Pakistan all along this 15 days trip.

Well, Musharraf…one thing to say, you alone is enough why you need these measly figures with you when you already have handful Goras beside you to give an awesome company??

As a nation we are proud of you to be imposed on us as President and the way you are creating soft interface for Pakistan with your strong presence. But well, one thing to say which is not the least, you should stress and make measures on the ripening inflation and make all efforts to change the saga for a common Man.

Well, your puppets have created a good scene for sugar crises and we have got the first fruit of branded sugar by the name of ‘sugarita’. Are we about to see all necessary items of daily use in branded shape and the poor consumer had to ask for loans from XYZ bank to finance the monthly grocery?

If Musharraf flinch inflation and create class equity than God bless you Musharraf, we are with you…. (Rawonnion bulletin)