Monday, April 18, 2005

And the team spirit did it!

What an amazing performance by Pakistan cricket team in India. It was a total turn about from past, and the only reason of this somersault was their unification in team which dazzled them till the end.

All were players, be it Youhana, Haq, Afridi, Butt or any Khan…there was no star in them and the fact majored them to this pinnacle.

Seems like we don’t need attitude filled-publicity starved Shoaib Akhtar anymore…What do you say??

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Expect the unexpected…

Before the launch of Telenor, a mega-blast campaign was expected from this particular cellular service provider. Coming all the way from Norway, I was sure some new promo-features must be introduced and a new niche’ will definitely be built.

Aghast, after a month from the launch, nothing remarkable comes in notice. Ads are not out-of-the box, Outlets not at all techie and modern, a total run of the mill approach has been followed. –Except the mega-salaries that Telenor is giving to its employees--

Instead…Go CDMA could be said the best of best launch in the history of Telecom sector while Paktel GSM launch stood at the number two, after that Ufone and Mobilink aggressively juggling at not loosing their customers.

What’s next? Well Warid is expected in coming months, some of my friends see a very ‘Paindo’ image of the said firm, well may be that’s not it and will end up with a Blast. Who knows?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

21st century woman...

Sunsilk 21st century woman, the latest reality show aired twice on two different channels is a real marvel initiative to uplift the image of women in our society.

Generally the so called weak or fair gender is stereotyped as meek and dependent whether they are or not. This programme backed by a huge marketing campaign would definitely take the idea of women as an independent and a doer person in a variety of households in every nook and corner of Pakistan. --Thumbs-up Unilevers for this great show--

It’s a wake up call for other MNCs –especially cellular service providers who have mega-budgets which they spend just in wooing customers—what if they spend some amount on fruitful activities. You may also name it Social Marketing!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Kamila Shamsie, a good marketer?

Marketing and your artistic work go side by side. Normally if you are getting into commercial scene you should have sound presentation skills and be effective marketer so that people purchase your work and you be FAMOUS.

Kamila Shamsie…said to be a noted writer among the handful Pakistani writers of English fiction. Her latest book ‘Broken Verses’ costs Rs. 595 which make her stood along James Patterson whose novels –very absorbing, mostly thrillers--usually costs above Rs. 500 and exclude them from my affordable range. Patterson is a famous American writer whose novels like ‘Kiss the Girls’ and ‘Along came the spider’ have also been filmatised.

Well the high cost from Patterson’s novel makes sense but I would ‘never’ ever pay such a huge price for Ms. Shamsie’s stuff…

In this case her marketing efforts have played a dominant role. Log on to any website and Kamila would be there among handful writers from Pakistani literary scene. No matter you agree or not but the ‘oldie-goldie’ cute pix of the said writer must have also attracted young lads and lesbians…

Well, has Kamila become Arundhati Roy of Pakistan? My vote would be straight NEGATIVE!!